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Mastering the OET Speaking Test: 3-Goal for a perfect start

oet speaking test

The OET Speaking test assesses your ability to communicate effectively with patients in a healthcare setting. A strong first impression is crucial, and the way you begin your OET speaking test role-play significantly impacts your score in the relationship-building category.

This blog post offers valuable tips and strategies to ensure a confident and professional start to your OET Speaking test role-plays.

Adapting Your Approach to OET Speaking Test

  • Consider the Scenario: Carefully analyze the background information provided on the role-play card. This information dictates whether you’ve met the patient before, examined them beforehand, or if this is a new encounter.
  • Ask Yourself Key Questions: When preparing your opening, ask yourself:
    • Are my opening remarks appropriate for the situation and my familiarity with the patient?
    • Do I project a professional, polite, and empathetic demeanour?
    • Will the patient feel comfortable and respected?

Introduction Strategies for OET Speaking Test

  • First Meeting: If it’s your first encounter, introduce yourself and confirm the patient’s name.
    • Example: “Hello, my name is Amira. I’m one of the nurses on duty here today. It’s good to meet you. Can I call you Jackie?”
  • Repeat Meeting: If you’ve met the patient before, there are a few options:
    • Use the name provided by the interlocutor during the test.
    • Ask the interlocutor for their preferred name during preparation time.
    • Choose a name for the patient and use it throughout the role-play (the interlocutor will accept this).
    • Example: “Okay, Jackie. Now that I have completed the assessment, perhaps we can discuss my findings. Is that OK with you?”
  • Emergency Situations: Urgent scenarios may require a more direct and faster approach, prioritizing the patient’s well-being over lengthy introductions.
    • Example: “Hello Steph, my name’s Greta. I’ve come to give you an update about your daughter.” (This is appropriate for a parent whose child is experiencing breathing difficulties.)

Addressing Patients by Name

  • Western Healthcare Norms: In Western healthcare settings, it’s customary to use the patient’s first name, promoting a patient-centred approach with a friendly yet professional tone.
  • Respecting Elders: If you wish to show additional respect for an older patient, ask if they mind being addressed by their first name. Adjust your voice speed and tone accordingly.

Additional Resources

  • OET Sample Tests: Access official practice materials, including sample test role-plays, from our website.

By following these tips and practicing with various scenarios, you can ensure a confident and successful start to your OET Speaking role-plays. Remember, a strong opening sets the stage for a productive and positive patient interaction.

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