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NMC OSCE OSCE Exam Overview

NMC OSCE Tips – 12 Major reasons or carelessness which resulted in stations failure for well-prepared NMC OSCE candidates

Passing the NMC OSCE exam

Avoiding the below mistakes and following OSCE tips will significantly increase your chances of passing the NMC OSCE on your first attempt.

  1. Assessment – Carelessness in NEWS Documentation.
  2. Planning – Choosing an irrelevant problem to write a care plan.
  3. Implementation – Signing before administering the medications or showing actions related which makes the assessor assume the same.
  4. Evaluation – Forgetting handover of allergy and/or reaction in evaluation.
  5. Carelessness in Peak flow/ Blood glucose/ Bowel assessment documentation.
  6. Forgetting to unclamp or using the wrong port while collecting urine samples.
  7. Loading the wrong dosage in the syringe for medications like Insulin.
  8. Forgetting PPE in MSU.
  9. Forgetting post-catheter removal symptoms in the beginning or Health education or instruction to inform the nurse after passing the first urine in RUC.
  10. Forgetting to inform the need for swabbing in wound assessment.
  11. Missing questions like last analgesia/reassesses after 30 minutes/ document in patient records in pain assessment.
  12. Calculation errors in fluid balance and Pressure area assessment.

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