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UK Registration and NMC

New NMC OSCE & CBT pass rates in 2023, Prepare for Success.

This is the NMC OSCE and CBT Pass Rates of 2023, the whole year 2023 Analysis. The success rate of applicants in the.

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NMC OSCE OSCE Exam Overview

3 steps for OSCE exam preparation to overcome anxiety

Overcoming anxiety for an OSCE exam preparation (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) requires a combination of practical preparation, mental strategies, and.

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OSCE Exam Updates

Updated NMC OSCE Marking Criteria of 2022

NMC OSCE updates and changes from 14th November instead of 17th October! The new NMC OSCE Marking Criteria V1.6 will.

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Language Tests IELTS IELTS Exam Updates OET OET Exam Updates

Can SIFE replace OET/IELTS for UK NMC?

Can SIFE replace OET/IELTS for UK NMC? You can provide supporting information from your employer (SIFE) instead of OET/IELTS for UK NMC,.

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CBT Exam Updates

NMC CBT Test Centre Update

Internationally educated professionals must take a two-part test of competence before joining the NMC register, to ensure that they have.

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Work-Life Balance in Healthcare

UK Nursing Workforce Hits Record in 2023: Yet Challenges Persist

Unprecedented Surge in UK Nursing Professionals Raises Retention Strategy Concerns What does the data imply? The surge in Registered UK.

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