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Easy NMC CBT online practice with Mock tests 2024

NMC CBT Mock Test

Importance of CBT Online practice with Mock tests.

NMC, the nursing and midwifery regulator, has developed some tests to help individuals evaluate their understanding and preparedness for the new computer-based test. These tests can also help to develop a better understanding of the question format, style, and level of difficulty. The questions in these tests are specifically designed for this purpose and are aligned with the seven platforms of the Future Nurse standards and the six domains of the Future Midwife standards.

The numeracy practice tests contain 15 questions related to applied numeracy, which are similar to the live exams in terms of format and context. These tests include both generic numeracy questions and numeracy questions set in areas such as adult, child, mental health or learning disabilities.

NMC CBT Mock Test

How to answer questions in the CBT numeracy exam:

You will only be awarded a mark for a question if you use the correct answer format. Please see below what is accepted as the correct format:


Sometimes, you may encounter questions where you need to input a numeric value without any accompanying text. The numeric value may be either a whole number or a decimal value. However, it is essential to follow the instructions provided on the number of decimal places to use. 

When entering numeric answers, keep in mind that you should only include significant digits. It is best to avoid adding extra zeroes after the decimal point unless the answer requires them. For instance, suppose the answer is 1.5, and you need to enter one decimal place. In that case, you should not enter 1.50 or 1.500. If you add extra zeroes after the decimal point, the system may not register your answer as correct on the item review screen. 

Therefore, it is crucial to input the correct number of significant digits while answering these questions to avoid any discrepancies in the evaluation of your responses.

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Some questions require you to enter a number and a unit. Always use the standard scientific abbreviation for the unit such as: kg, mg, L, or mL. Do not add an “s” after the unit. Do not write out the full name of the unit. Do not add any additional text such as the name of a medicine, this will cause the item to be marked as incorrect.

The clinical practice tests differ from the live exams in that the practice test contains 50 clinical questions instead of 100. Each field specific clinical practice test consists of 45 generic questions and 5 questions that are specific to either adult, child, mental health or learning disabilities.

Find the practical mock tests from the official site :

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