July 13, 2024
60 Gold Street, Northampton, United Kingdom
CBT Exam Updates

New Questions Added to NMC CBT

NMC CBT Questions

NMC CBT has introduced a trial. Proceeding from 24th June 2024, to keep the Test Of Competences up to date and improve its quality and validity, NMC shall be trialing the additional questions hereafter, while you attend the NMC CBT. These additional questions may be updated in either Part A or Part B, as NMC has not mentioned that in particular and no extra time shall be added.

NMC CBT Mock Test

Once the NMC 1st stage Registration is complete, you shall receive Invitation mail from NMC and Pearson Vue, that permits you to appear for the Test Of Competences (ToC), CBT, and OSCE. You can attend your CBT or OSCE in any order, but once you have attended one of the Test Of Competences, you must complete the next one within 2 years.

The fee for the CBT crack course having a duration of 45 days is 49.79 pounds and for the CBT crack course having a duration of 90 days is 89.79 pounds.

While you appear for CBT, Part A test (Numeracy) shall be having a duration of 30 minutes and Part B test (Clinical) shall be  having a duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes. These tests will be taken in one sitting, but evaluated independently.

NMC CBT Crack Course

You can appear for CBT to a maximum of 3 attempts per application (including resit also) after a minimum of 10 days gap between each sitting.

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