July 13, 2024
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What to Expect on your CBT Test Day- 2024?

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On the day of the CBT Test

Arrival procedures at the test centre

  • Please ensure that you arrive at the test centre at least 30 minutes before your scheduled examination time.
  • If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled examination time, you may not be allowed to take the CBT and will need to book and pay for another CBT appointment. Please note that failing to take the examination will be reported, but it will not count as an attempt.
  • You must bring a valid passport with a photo for authentication purposes. (Please ensure that the passport you bring is the same as the one you provided on your NMC account. If you have a new passport, please update your NMC account at least 48 hours before your CBT appointment date.)
NMC CBT Mock Test
You must provide your digital signature and have your photograph taken. Thephotographs and signatures are sent to us.Candidates must not access any prohibited personal items during their stay at the test centre. Storage space is small, and the test centre assumes no responsibility for candidates’ personal belongings.
You must remove any large jewellery or other accessories before entering thetesting room, if asked to do so.Hats, scarves and coats must not be worn in the testing room or while your photograph is being taken. They must be placed in the secure storage facility provided at the test centre (Head scarfs due to religious andcultural reasons are allowed but will be inspected).

You must place all electronic devices in your allocated locker.
Friends, relatives or children are not allowed to wait in the test centre while candidatestake the CBT.

 The Test Administrator (TA) will give you a short orientation and will then escort you to a computer terminal and you will complete a short tutorial. You must remain in your seat during the examination, except when authorised to leave by test centre staff. You may not change your computer terminal unless a TA directs you to do so.

Communication during the CBT

  • During the computer-based test (CBT), standard examination rules apply. 
  • Candidates are required to sit the CBT in silence and are not allowed to communicate with others. Please raise your hand if you encounter any problems with the computer, require a new note board, need to take a break, or need assistance from the test administrator for any other reason.
  • When you have finished the CBT, please raise your hand.
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  • The direct testing session will last a maximum of four hours. It’s important to pace yourself during the computer-based test (CBT) as breaks are not scheduled during this time.
  • If you need an unscheduled break or need to leave the testing room for any reason, please raise your hand. You will be escorted out of the testing room by the TA. During any break from testing, you must leave the testing room and are advised to stay in the test center.
  • During a break from testing, all personal items, including purses and wallets, must be inspected by the TA. Tampering with the electronic device bag provided will be reported. Accessing any prohibited personal items during a break from testing may lead to the cancellation of your CBT results.
  • When you leave and re-enter the testing room, a palm vein scan may be taken. You must comply with the TA’s request if this is required. When you return to the testing room, the TA will resume the CBT on your computer.

After the CBT is completed

After completing the CBT, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire about your testing experience. Once you’ve finished the questionnaire, please raise your hand to call the attention of the TA.

The TA will then collect any erasable note boards and accompany you out of the testing room. If you have any electronic devices in a Pearson VUE-provided bag, a TA must take the bag to inspect and open it. If you remove devices from the bag, it will be considered a violation and could result in your exam being cancelled.

The TA will dismiss you once all requirements are fulfilled. If you believe there was an irregularity in the administration of your exam or that the testing conditions adversely affected your CBT result, you should notify the TA before you leave the test centre. Exam data is encrypted and transferred electronically to NMC. Do not ask the TA about exam content and/or results.

If you have questions about the exam, please contact NMC. If you have questions about your testing session, please contact NMC within one week of your exam appointment. You may ask the TA for a confidential comment sheet to provide any information about your CBT appointment at the test centre or experience of using Pearson VUE candidate services.

Results of the CBT

After completing the exam, the results will be submitted and calculated. Staff at the test center do not have access to the examination results. 

Candidates will receive their examination results via email within 48 hours after completing the exam. 

Alternatively, candidates can log in to their Pearson VUE account, which they created when booking the exam, to view their results within 48 business hours. 

The results will indicate a pass or fail. Unfortunately, no additional feedback on the test results will be provided to candidates. This policy is in place to protect the integrity of the test and ensure that future test attempts are not unfairly aided.

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