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OSCE Exam OSCE Study Guides and Tips

NMC OSCE Implementation: Here is the basics to follow

  • You need to have some knowledge about commonly used drugs in station NMC OSCE Implementation, which is given orally. This includes their action and side effects. Usually, three medicines (only oral medicines) will be written in a prescription chart out of which one may be an allergic drug, wrong prescription, or dose. You have to omit that one and give the other two in the station of NMC OSCE implementation.
  • Also, keep in mind allergies, drugs are already given, oxygen therapy, IV therapy, etc in the NMC OSCE Implementation station. You need to confirm the prescription of oxygen therapy and IV therapy by checking the L/minute or batch number in the case of IV Therapy.
  • The time duration for the Implementation station is 15 minutes.

NMC OSCE implementation – Medication Dispensing

  • Do a hand hygiene
  • Start reading aloud the medication chart provided in the scenario, including the name of the patient, date of birth, hospital number, admission date, consultant name, height, and weight (Weight is mentioned to calculate drug dosage in terms of it. For eg. if patient weight is below 50 kgs, you cannot administer Tab. Paracetamol), etc
  • Note especially allergic medications mentioned in the chart If oxygen is prescribed and the patient is on a nasal cannula, ask about the Oxygen saturation of the patient with the examiner and proceed
  • In the PRN (as required) medication section, while reading aloud check for the medications already administered, if a pain medication like paracetamol is already administered within the past 4 hours, don’t give that one to the patient
  • See all the regular medications, omit any medication wrongly prescribed, illegible prescription, or dose not mentioned putting the appropriate code for each one along with time and your initial in a specific column
  • Check stat dose, and antimicrobial all columns and identify the medicines which are due at your time
  • ·While dispensing identified medication. Ensure medications are intact, in date (Expiry date), dose, and no effect on vitals. Dispense the tablet to the cap and then cap to the cup without touching, give the cup to the patient.
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NMC OSCE implementation – Medication Administration

  • Before administering your first drug make sure that you identify the patient for the second time using their ID band (3 checks – Name, Date of birth, hospital number)
  • While administering medication, state the use of medication to the patient as well as major side effects if any
  • Give the cup to the patient to swallow the tablet along with the water
  • After the patient takes the medication, ensure that the patient has swallowed the medicine by confirming with the patient or seeing the mouth.

NMC OSCE implementation – Documentation

  • Don’t forget to write the name of the medications you have not administered at the back of the medication chart putting the appropriate reason for non-administering (not the code, e.g. patient already had pain medication or wrong dose or wrong time), etc.
  • Sign all medications that you have administered.
  • After giving all medications do a recheck if you have time.
  • Do a hand rub or hand wash using seven steps of hand hygiene

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