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16 Powerful Insights: Mastering the OET Exam for Nurses

1. What is the OET test for nurses?

The OET, or Occupational English Test, is an examination specifically tailored for nurses. It serves as a comprehensive assessment of English language proficiency, particularly in healthcare settings like hospitals and clinics.

2. What is the exam score for UK nurses?

To qualify, nurses in the UK must attain a minimum of a B grade in the reading, listening, and speaking sections. Additionally, a C+ grade is required in the writing section. Alternatively, candidates can aim for a score of at least 350 in the reading, listening, and speaking sections and 300 in the writing section.

3. Is OET easier than IELTS?

Contrary to common perception, OET is not inherently easier than IELTS. Both examinations demand an equivalent level of proficiency, as mandated by Regulatory Authorities in the UK. OET might seem more approachable to healthcare professionals as it assesses skills that align closely with their field.

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4. How much is the exam fee?

The cost of the OET exam is $587 AUD or $455 USD.

For individual sub-test fees (only available for OET on paper):

  • AUD $587.00: To sit all four sub-tests, including the AUD $7 online booking 
  • AUD $477.50: To sit three sub-tests, including the AUD $7 online booking
  • AUD $339.00: To sit two sub-tests, including the AUD $7 online booking
  • AUD $200.50: To sit one sub-test, including the AUD $7 online booking

5. What are the exam fees in India?

In Indian currency, the test fees are approximately Rs. 30,000.

For individual sub-test fees:

  • Rs. 31,917: To sit all four sub-tests, including the AUD $7 online booking 
  • Rs. 25,963: To sit three sub-tests, including the AUD $7 online booking 
  • Rs. 18, 432: To sit two sub-tests, including the AUD $7 online booking 
  • Rs. 10,902: To sit one sub-test, including the AUD $7 online booking 

6. Is OET hard to pass?

While the primary purpose of the exam is to assess English skills, the format and structured approach to writing and speaking modules can pose challenges. However, with the right tutoring, planning, and preparation, students can navigate the exam successfully.

OET Mock Test

7. How many years is the exam certificate valid for?

Generally, the results remain valid for two years. It’s important to note that some organizations may accept results that are more than 2 years old, subject to certain conditions.

8. Can I work in the UK without an OET exam?

To apply for a nurse job in the UK, an OET certificate is a prerequisite. However, an alternative option is available with a 7.0 score in IELTS.

9. What are the passing marks?

Most recognizing boards and councils require candidates to score at least 350 in each of the four sub-tests. However, it is advisable to check with relevant boards and councils for the most up-to-date requirements.

10. How can I prepare?

Effective preparation involves starting early, conducting sample tests to assess your standing, identifying weaknesses, understanding assessment criteria, making skill improvements based on strengths and weaknesses, and applying only when ready.

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11. What are the benefits?

It holds wide recognition as proof of English proficiency for registration, study, and work in the healthcare sector. It is also acknowledged for visa purposes in some countries. It aids in developing language skills essential for success in a healthcare career.

12. Which subtest is difficult?

The writing part is often considered the most challenging. Aspiring candidates are advised to engage in more practice before attempting the actual exam.

13. Which is better for the UK, IELTS, or OET?

For many individuals, IELTS is considered a better choice due to its broader coverage of countries and a more comprehensive understanding of complex English. However, for healthcare professionals, OET is often preferred as it incorporates profession-specific content.

14. How do I ace the first attempt?

Passing the exam on the first attempt requires thorough preparation and planning. Being well-versed in all four sections of the English language assessment is crucial.

15. What are some of the tips?

Tips for passing include joining an institution that aligns with your criteria, understanding the test overview and structure, creating a scheduled study plan, daily skill sharpening, regular mock tests, continuous self-review, relaxation with an awareness of your current skill position, and utilizing course guides.

16. Is OET C+ accepted in the UK?

Yes, the UK accepts an OET examination certificate confirming a minimum grade of C+ in the writing section and at least a grade of B in the reading, listening, and speaking sections. This makes the OET a viable option for nurses aiming to work in the UK healthcare sector.

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