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5 OET Reading Time Management Tips for Success

oet reading time

Is the OET Reading test stressing you out because of the time limit? Don’t worry, it’s common! This guide will help you learn OET Reading time management methods to do well in the Reading section.

Taking it Slow at First

Starting OET? Relax about the time for now. It’s more important to learn how the Reading test works, the different questions, and how to answer them well. Trying to rush through practice tests can be frustrating. Take it slow, build your skills, and you’ll feel more confident later.

Building Confidence, Step-by-Step

Once you’re comfortable with the test, gradually incorporate time limits into your practice. Start by mimicking the actual test timings, then gradually reduce the time you take with each practice test. This will help you develop the speed and accuracy needed for the real deal.

OET Reading Time Management Tactics

Reading Part A: Be Quick and Efficient

Managing your time in Part A of the OET Reading test is crucial. With 20 questions to answer in just 15 minutes, it can feel like a challenge. Here are some tips for OET reading time management in Part A

  • Answer questions in order. The first few matching questions are quick wins. Use them to get a feel for the content of each text.
  • Focus on keywords. Don’t rewrite the entire question. Look for a single word or short phrase in the texts that matches the answer choice.

Reading Parts B & C: Make Every Minute Count

Parts B and C of the OET Reading have 45 minutes total, which sounds like a lot. But here’s the catch: you must answer questions for two different passages in that time. If you spend too long on Part B, Part C’s long passages might feel overwhelming with less time left to answer the questions. It’s important to keep track of the time to avoid this. Here are some tips for OET reading time management in Parts B and C.

  • Aim for 10 minutes or less on Part B. Skim the text (quickly scan for key points) using headings and the first sentence of each paragraph to find the answer area.
  • Dedicate at least 35 minutes to Part C, splitting time evenly between the two passages. Read for deeper understanding and answer questions sequentially. If stuck, move on and come back later with fresh eyes.
  • Utilize the clock strategically. The test provides a visible clock, but avoid checking it constantly. Focus on your strategies and trust your practice.

Bonus Tips for Reading Efficiency

  • Skimming and scanning: In Part A, skim headings and subheadings to grasp the overall content of each text. In Part B, skim headings and topic sentences for a general understanding.
  • Use context statements: Each Part B question provides a clue about the text type (memo, email, etc.). Knowing the format helps you locate information faster.
  • Sequential questions in Part C: Answer questions in the order they appear. Each question focuses on a specific part of the text, so you don’t need to worry about connections to previous or future questions.

Remember, time management is key! With these strategies and consistent practice, you’ll be reading your way to OET success in no time. Now go forth and conquer that test!

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