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OET Score Clubbing: A powerful Tool for Nurses’ success in 2024!

oet score clubbing

OET Score Clubbing: A Powerful Tool for Nurses’ Success in 2024!

For nurses and midwives aspiring to work in countries like the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, achieving the required English language proficiency remains a key hurdle. Fortunately, the Occupational English Test (OET) offers a pathway to demonstrate your healthcare-specific communication skills. And, with the recent February 2023 update on OET score clubbing, this process has become even more flexible.

This blog serves as your comprehensive guide to understanding the latest changes in OET score clubbing, providing valuable insights for both test-takers and healthcare organizations.

Demystifying OET Score Clubbing:

OET Score Clubbing allows you to combine sub-test scores from two separate OET tests taken within the last 12 months to meet the required minimum score. This offers a second chance to improve your performance in specific areas without retaking the entire test. However, certain conditions apply.

Key Takeaways of the February 2023 Update:

  • More Relaxed Scoring: Previously, all sub-test scores in both tests needed to be C+ or higher for clubbing. Now, individual scores can be C for Writing and C+ for Listening, Reading, Speaking, as long as the combined scores meet the minimum: B for Listening, Reading, Speaking, and C+ for Writing.
  • Extended Timeframe: You can now combine scores from tests taken within 12 months (previously 6 months), providing more flexibility for retaking.

Understanding the Requirements:

Here’s a table summarizing the key requirements for OET score clubbing:


Test TimeframeScores from two tests taken within the last 12 months.
Individual Sub-Test ScoresNo sub-test score can be more than half a grade lower than the required minimum: C (250 or above) for Writing, and B for others.
Combined Score RequirementB for Listening, Reading, Speaking, and C+ for Writing.
Test Type CompatibilityOnly OET scores can be combined, not mixed with other tests like IELTS.

Possible Clubbing Scenarios:

Scenario 1:

Test 1

Listening (B+)

Reading (B)

Speaking (B+)

Writing (C)

Test 2

Listening (B)

Reading (B)

Speaking (C+)

Writing (C+)

Combined Scores: Listening (B+), Reading (B), Speaking (C+), Writing (C+)

This meets the clubbing requirements as no sub-test score falls below half a grade lower than the minimum B.

Scenario 2:

Test 1:

Listening (B+)

Reading (B)

Speaking (B+)

Writing (C) [less than 250]

Test 2

Listening (B)

Reading (B+)

Speaking (C+)

Writing (C)

Combined Scores: Listening (B+), Reading (B+), Speaking (C+), Writing (C)

Though both tests have individual scores of C or above, the combined Writing score of C falls below the minimum C+, making this ineligible for clubbing.

Benefits of OET Score Clubbing

  • Increased Flexibility: Apply for rescoring specific sub-tests where needed without retaking the entire test.
  • Reduced Cost: Saves money by avoiding unnecessary retesting fees.
  • Improved Confidence: Focus on targeted areas for improvement, boosting overall performance.
oet score clubbing


The updated OET score clubbing offers a valuable tool for aspiring nurses and midwives. By understanding the requirements and utilizing them strategically, you can efficiently achieve the desired score and progress towards your career goals. Remember, thorough preparation and a clear understanding of the guidelines are crucial for success.

This blog provides a foundation for further exploration. Don’t hesitate to visit the official OET website and relevant regulatory bodies’ websites for more detailed information and specific score requirements for your target country. Remember, language proficiency is key to effective communication and patient safety in healthcare, so invest in your skills and pave the way for a successful career.

Remember, utilizing OET score clubbing strategically is just one step in your healthcare career journey. Invest in ongoing language development and cultural understanding to ensure your success in your new environment.

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