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A new provision for nurses and midwives who do not have sponsorship and wish to travel to the UK to take the NMC OSCE examination is introduced. Under this provision, eligible candidates will be able to enter the country on a six-month visitor visa that is specifically designed for taking the NMC OSCE. This means that nurses and midwives who are not sponsored by an employer in the UK can come to the country for the sole purpose of taking the NMC OSCE and do not need to go through the usual visa application process.

Who can apply for the UK NMC OSCE free guidance visitor visa?

This visitor visa option is available for candidates who have valid evidence of English language proficiency, such as IELTS or OET, and have received an invitation letter to appear for the Test of Competences, which includes both Computer-Based Testing (CBT) and Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

This visa option is particularly useful for candidates who are unable to commit to joining a job in the UK due to current job regulations or a gap in work experience, as well as for those who have personal reasons for not wanting to work in the UK. By obtaining this visa, candidates will be able to enter the UK for a temporary period and take the necessary tests to demonstrate their skills and competency.

Our consultants will guide you through all the required details to appear for OSCE on your own. Hence, Chat Now with a consultant for a quick response on the UK Visitor Visa to appear for OSCE.

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UK NMC OSCE-free Guidance

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NMC has awarded contracts to five partners to deliver the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) part of the ToC from February 2022 onwards. In other words, apart from the current three OSCE centres, there are two more NMC OSCE Test centres available for candidates from December 2021.

  • Oxford Brookes University
  • University of Northampton
  • Ulster University
  • Northumbria University
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

New OSCE 10 Stations Free Introduction Session – Part of OSCE Comprehensive Training Programme Online and On-site combined Training –
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NMC OSCE Live Class

In addition to renewing the contracts with the current OSCE delivery partners – the University of Northampton, Oxford Brookes University, and Ulster University – NMC has awarded contracts to Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Northumbria University.

We have developed the necessary materials to help you prepare for your exam.

Merlin Features until you clear your OSCE:-

  • Merlin Book of OSCE – Full access
  • Roleplay videos
  • Every day live class with OSCE expert mentors
  • Online OSCE Tutor Assistance (live)
  • Access to the crack course materials.
  • Access to OSCE Premium Discussion Group.
  • Both online and on-site OSCE Coordinators will arrange and guide you through on scheduling of your training and preparation.
  • Exam booking Assistance 

The comprehensive OSCE Full Course Training Programme is a perfect blend of online and on-site training designed to help candidates excel in their respective fields. As a candidate, you will be provided with an exclusive account to access the OSCE crack course materials, which include a series of pre-recorded videos. These materials will allow you to prepare yourself thoroughly before embarking on the online training phase with the highly experienced OSCE Expertise Mentor. 

How it works?

  1. Understanding the format ( Live tutor online sessions)
  2. Review the content ( Materials provided in exclusive account)
  3. Developing effective communications skills ( Verbalisation sessions)
  4. Mastering Clinical Skills ( Onsite training)
  5. Practice makes it Perfect with mock tests
  6. Reflect and learn from feedbacks.

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OSCE Booking Costs

The cost of the full/new OSCE application is £794. Moreover, the test centres accept payment made online by credit card/visa debit for Part 2 of the NMC Test of Competence.

For booking enquiries email

For more details on NMC OSCE Booking and Training, Click here.

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